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X-Bar X-Trem Fresh Nicotine Pouches 9 mg In Dubai, UAE

Taste “Slim all-white portion with a taste of red fruits, mint, and anise with sweet and tangy flavors”

X-Bar X-Trem Fresh Nicotine Pouches 9 mg is made of vegetable fibers to which nicotine and flavorings are added. With these pouches you will experience the flavor of fresh mint, a refreshing and invigorating taste that is characterized by a fresh and minty taste.

The X-BAR sachet slips between the upper lip and the gum to allow a slow and gentle release of the nicotine and flavors present in the pouch.

The nicotine present in the X-BAR Pouch is dosed in 9 mg.

X-Bar pouches are made in France by French Lab.

Discover an effective alternative, especially in public places, X-Bar Nicotine Pouch Cool Berry is practical to have your dose of nicotine without consuming tobacco. These are packages of products containing refreshing pouches with gourmet flavors. Easy to use and also very discreet, these sachets represent a winning option to compensate for your nicotine needs.

An invigorating flavor on the palate marked by a sensation of extreme freshness, does that tell you? This X-BAR POUCH X-Trem Fresh contains unique flavors of aromas to revitalize your whole body. Its consumption will be an excellent way to beat the heat and refresh yourself in all circumstances.

X-Bar X-Trem Fresh Nicotine Pouches 9 mg Specification:

  • Brand: X-Bar Nicotine Pouches
  • Type:  Nicotine pouch
  • Format: Slim
  • Taste: Fresh Mint
  • Nicotine level: 9mg/g
  • Ingredients: aromas, natural fibers, crystallized nicotine
  • Strength: Medium
  • Manufacturer: French Lab

Don’t miss the other exciting flavors from X-Bar Nicopods such as Chloro Mint, Apple Mint, Crystal Mint, and Cool Berry!

X-Bar X-Trem Fresh Nicotine Pouches 9 mg In Dubai, UAE


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