X-Bar Nicotine pouches

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X-Bar Nicotine Pouches, Snus: Convenient, Discreet, and Healthy Alternative in the UAE

X-BAR offers a range of nicotine pouches, a smokeless and discreet alternative to traditional nicotine products, now available in the UAE through genvapedubai.com. X-BAR POUCH are products that contain a certain dose of nicotine, varying from 9 mg. As with e-liquids intended for electronic cigarettes, X-BARs provide hit sensations, but without chewing tobacco. Indeed, the consumption of these products remains different from that of e-liquids for customers.

A nicotine pouch or nicotine pouch is simply a tobacco-free form of nicotine. Generally, they come in the form of small semi-permeable sachets about a centimeter wide and a few centimeters long.

To take advantage of the release of nicotine in a slow way, you will therefore be asked to place a single pocket between your gum and your lip. For more discretion, it is preferable to place the nicotine sachets under the upper lip, in contact with your gum and on the side.

X-BAR nicotine pouches are small, white pouches filled with nicotine and natural flavors like Crystal Mint, and Cool Berry, Apple Mint, Chloro Mint They are placed under the lip, similar to smokeless tobacco, and release a mild and satisfying flavor. Unlike traditional cigarettes, White Fox pouches do not produce any smoke or ash, making them a more convenient and cleaner option for smokers.