IQOS Heets Parliament is one of the most innovative products to hit the UAE market in a long time. It is a distinct smoking taste that employs cutting-edge heating technology to provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The IQOS Heets Parliament comes in three distinct tastes, including strawberry and mint. The Heets Parliament is a sleek and tasty blend of tastes with a wide range of aromas. The flavours are also simple to use, with an onboard user handbook providing thorough instructions on how to use them.

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Designed exclusively for IQOS HEETS Systems, the HEETS Parliament collection is comprised of IQOS HeatSticks made in Russia under Parliament Cigarettes Supervision. Each flavor under the HEETS Parliament collection is designed to deliver the real taste of tobacco while negating common hassles such as ash, smoke, and smell. As one of the most trusted online retailers of HEETS and IQOS products, we here at offer genuine HEETS Parliament tobacco sticks for some of the best prices in the market. Apart from the quality and the prices.order HEETS Parliament from Gen Vape Dubai.


IQOS Heets Parliament is an amazing taste that has taken the e-cigarette industry by storm. It offers a smooth flavour and is perfect for anyone who wants an easy smoking experience. It comes in a variety of flavours and is perfect for smokers of all levels of experience. Not only is IQOS Heets Parliament a great e-cigarette flavor, but it is also eco-friendly and affordable. So, if you are looking for an amazing cigar that is both tasty and affordable, choose IQOS Heets Parliament!

IQOS Heets Parliament is a revolutionary product that is changing the smoking landscape. Known for its amazing flavors and its amiability to help smokers quit smoking tobacco altogether, it has already made a significant impact on public health. Buy IQOS Heets Parliament now and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer!

IQOS Heets Parliament: A History, the Latest Flavors & More

Have you heard of IQOS? That’s right, it’s a brand new, up-and-coming company that is quickly becoming a part of the tobacco industry. IQOS is a cigarette-shaped smokeless tobacco product that may be used with a heat-not-burn device. Initially intended primarily for use with the device, they have now developed IQOS Heets, a flavorless, nicotine-free, and odorless tobacco. We were obligated to write an article about this product since it is unlike anything else that has ever been made. IQOS Heets Parliament is a product that has been in development for years and is now available at Gen Vape Dubai.


More About HEETS Parliament HeatSticks

The first thing that you would notice with the HEETS Parliament tobacco sticks is that they are a lot smaller when compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.



To use the HEETS Parliament tobacco sticks, place it into the IQOS device’s holder and press down on the power button till it lights up.




The tobacco stick is then heated to temperatures of around 350-degree Celsius to generate a vapor that contains nicotine.


Use time


Each Parliament HEET stick is designed to last for about 14 puffs or 6 minutes, whichever comes first.


An individual HEETS parliament pack contains 20 HEETS sticks, each of which is made in Russia using specially sourced tobacco leaves. Whether it’s HEETS Parliament Tropical Swift or HEETS Parliament Gold Selection, each of the HEETS Parliament flavors listed on the Gen Vape site is compatible with IQOS 3 DuoIQOS 3 Multi, and IQOS 2. For more product-related information, kindly contact our team.

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