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HIT Apelsin (Orange) Slim All White 20 mg

HIT Apelsin (Orange) Slim All White is a new nicotine pouch from GN Tobacco with the fresh taste of orange.

Introducing a bold and juicy flavor with a strong nicotine kick: Orange Nicotine Pouches! This innovative product delivers a delicious orange taste with a powerful 20 mg/g of nicotine, making it the perfect all-day choice for users with a high tolerance.

These pouches are soft, slim, and tobacco-free, ensuring a comfortable and discreet experience. They won’t irritate your gums, cause bad breath, stain your teeth, or be noticeable to others, allowing you to enjoy your nicotine fix wherever and whenever you like. With the use of natural essential oils to enhance the flavor and aroma, these pouches provide a clean and satisfying experience.

HIT Apelsin (Orange) Slim All White 20 mg are made in a state-of-the-art facility with strict quality control standards, ensuring that you get the full, high-strength nicotine satisfaction you crave. With a perfect balance between sweet and sour, the natural and not overpowering orange flavor is a fresh and enjoyable alternative to traditional smoking methods.

HIT Apelsin (Orange) Slim All White 20 mg Specifications:

HiT Apelsin is a white, tobacco-free product of extremely strong nicotine content with a refreshing and natural orange flavoring.

Open up your senses with the fruity orange taste and a juicy nicotine experience that gives your taste buds something to long for!

Slim bag format with a comfortable and discreet fit behind the lip. Appr. 20 portions/can.

  • Form: Portion
  • Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
  • Product Type: All White Portion
  • Net weight: 15 g
  • Nicotine level: 20 mg/g

HIT Apelsin (Orange) Slim All White 20 mg


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