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HIT Blackberry Slim All White 20 mg in Dubai UAE

Taste “Slim all white portion with taste of blackberries”

HIT Blackberry Slim All White has a fresh taste of blackberries and a strong nicotine level of 20mg/g.The 100% tobacco free portions are packed with flavor and since they are all white, you won’t have to worry about discoloring your teeth. HIT is manufactured by GN Tobacco who is also behind popular brands such as Siberia, Odens and White Fox.

If you’re looking for a pure and natural blackberry flavor with a strong nicotine kick, HIT Blackberry is the perfect choice. It offers a fresh, unsweetened blackberry taste without any added mint, vanilla, or other flavors, and a high nicotine content of 20 mg/g. The intense buzz starts quickly and lasts till the end.

The compact and discreet pouch design of HIT allows you to use it anywhere, anytime without being noticed. The slim format and soft material of the pouches prevent gum irritation, teeth staining, bad breath, and other common tobacco side effects.

HIT Blackberry Slim All White 20 mg Specifications:

HiT Blackberry is a white, tobacco-free product of extremely strong nicotine content with a fresh blackberry flavor.

If you are in love with fresh blackberry, experience it in an all-white nicotine pouch form.

Slim bag format with a comfortable and discreet fit behind the lip. Appr. 20 portions/can.

  • Form: Portion
  • Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
  • Product Type: All White Portion
  • Net weight: 15 g
  • Nicotine level: 20 mg/g

HIT Blackberry Slim All White 20 mg


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